Prepaid Legal Reviews

Is Prepaid Legal
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Many people are talking about Prepaid Legal Services, but does it really work?

Here are some honest facts and reviews about Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has been BBB accredited since August 1995

The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) announced their endorsement of the concept of PrePaid Legal Services® plans during their 2008 summer meeting.

Former four-term Attorney General Mike Moore, from the State of Mississippi, has endorsed Prepaid Legal.

Pre-Paid Legal Services Reviews

What is Prepaid Legal?

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is a company based in Ada, Oklahoma that offers a monthly membership plan giving members access to a variety of legal services and benefits. Some of these benefits include unlimited phone consultation with an attorney for legal questions and advice, contract and document review, will preparation, motor vehicle and traffic ticket representation, IRS audit protection, representation in court for civil and job-related lawsuits, and a number of other benefits.

How Does Pre-Paid Legal Work?

Pre-Paid legal has built a network of what it refers to as "Provider Law Firms" across the United States. These attorney firms are held on retainer by the company to provide its members with the services provided through the Pre-Paid Legal Membership. Each member is assigned a "Provider Law Firm" that is nearest to them and given a membership card which they can use to call in and access their assigned "Provider Law Firm." Nearly all of the 50 States have at least one "Provider Law Firm" held on retainer by Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Has Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Been Endorsed?

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is a 38-year-old, publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange that has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau » since 10/04/1995 and consistently received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau » It has been featured in a number of business and finance magazines including Forbes and Newsweek, and has also received endorsement from many former and current attorneys, judges, attorney generals and other law officials.

What Are Members Saying?

"I must tell you in the near year we've had our membership, we've used our legal service plan several times. For big issues and much smaller issues. My husband and I have also used the will benefits. We thank you for that section of the plan, a value in its self. We find the service empowering and an absolute necessity. We will never be without our membership."

R. and T. Horne, AZ

"I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the outstanding service the firm has given me. They have been prompt, and courteous, returning my phone calls. The knowledge of the attorney handling my case has been beyond what I expected as far as service to me."

T. Galemba, FL

"If I had to choose between health insurance and my Pre-Paid Legal membership, I would drop my health insurance in a heartbeat."

R. Cooper, NY

Who Does Pre-Paid Legal Cover?

A Pre-Paid Legal membership plan covers:

  • The primary member
  • The primary member's spouse
  • Never-married, dependent children up to age 21 living at home
  • Never-married, dependent children up to age 23 who are full-time college students
  • Children up to age 18 for whom the member is legal guardian
  • Any dependent child, regardless of age, who is mentally or physically disabled and dependent upon the member for support.

Membership rates do not increase if additional covered individuals are added to a plan.

What Is The Life Events Legal Plan?

The Life Events Legal Plan is the name of the Pre-Paid Legal Services membership program. Here is a basic overview of what it includes:
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Preventive Legal Services

  • Phone Consultations on Unlimited Matters
  • Phone Calls and Letters
  • Contract and Document Review
  • Wills for You and Your Family

Motor Vehicle Legal Expense Services

Trial Defense Services

A set number of hours of your Provider Law Firm's time at no additional cost when you or your spouse is named defendant or respondent in a covered civil or criminal action filed in a court of law (subject to terms and exclusions).

IRS Audit Legal Services

Your Pre-Paid Legal membership will help you defray the costs of an IRS audit and give you the legal support you need.

Other Legal Services

25% reduction off the Provider Law Firm's standard hourly rate for you or your spouse should you need legal services not covered by this plan. A retainer may be required for services being rendered under this benefit. Five days are required for preparation for court representation.

Detailed Plan Information »

Should I Enroll In The Membership?

It is important to observe due diligence before purchasing or enrolling in any service - and the decision is entirely yours. As you can tell, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is a highly-endorsed and accredited company, and should you decide to enroll in a legal protection plan, Pre-Paid Legal services comes highly recommended by many different sources.

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